Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring "Break" Defined

Today begins the first day of Spring "break". What funny terms for this week. doesn't feel like Spring around here. There is still snow and it is going to be cold and rainy all week...goody.
Second - break  (brk):
1. To interrupt or cease an activity. This is NO break for a mom...My activities will be doubled with more mouths to feed, more complaining, more "I'm bored" comments, and more fighting.
2. To cause to separate into pieces suddenly or violently. The child kicked a ball in the house, causing the vase to break...because it was too cold to play outside.
3. To vary or disrupt the uniformity or continuity of. My week's schedule has been broken. All of my little free time will be taken by my kids.
4. To produce (a sweat) copiously on the skin. I am breaking a sweat just thinking of this week.
5. To force one's way out of; escape from. I am going to break out of here as soon as Eric walks in the door.
6. To overcome or put an end to. I am going to be breaking apart a lot of fights and arguments.
7. To make known. Breaking news...Spring Break is no break at all!
8. To cause to be without money or to go into bankruptcy. The kids want to do activities that will break the bank.
9. To give way; collapse. The Mom just broke down after a week of Spring Break with no Spring weather.
 "Aw give us a break won't be that bad"

According to the definition of break...this is how my week will go:
Breaking News:
After breaking out of school for a week of Spring Break. Two children single-handedly broke every breakable item they came in contact with and broke their parents bank after breaking free from each other's choke holds without even breaking a sweat. The broken down mom was found hiding behind her broken couch, counting the minutes until the school doors would break open and she could have a break from her kids again.

All right, I know this is a little dramatic. Despite all the breaking that will go on this week, we will have a fun Spring Break together and I hope you do to!


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