Monday, June 20, 2011

If You Give a Kid a Crayon

If you give a Mom a minute this is what happens:

If you give a kid a crayon, she will want some paper to go with it.
You will give the kid some paper which will keep her occupied for only 5 minutes.
She will scribble a beautiful picture which you will hang on the fridge for all to admire.
Coloring will remind her of the markers stored by the crayons.
When the mom is gone for a minute, the kid will want to use the markers.
She will see a nice plain wall that needs some redecorating.
She will then create a masterpiece on the wall.
When the mom returns she will grab her camera to capture the moment for her crazy blog.
The mom will then get a rag and water to un-redecorate the wall (thank goodness for washable markers).
Seeing the water will remind the kid that she is thirsty.
She will open the fridge to get a tasty beverage.
As she opens the fridge she will stop to admire her beautiful picture.
Seeing the colorful creation will remind her that she is ready to color again.
And if she is going to color, she will need some crayons to go with it.


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