Sunday, April 1, 2012

Come Listen to a Prophet's Voice

I love General Conference. It is a time to listen to our Prophet and other church leaders. It is a time to be fed spiritually and be taught how to be a better person. But it can also be frustrating when there are kids who don't want to listen while I do. This year I found an idea to get my kids more involved with watching and learning from Conference.

A few days before, I found a match game about the First Presidency and 12 Apostles. One card is a picture of the person and its match is a card with different facts about that is a link to print that out.

When we found a match we would read about the person and decide on a treat that went with the Prophet/Apostle. Then during Conference, when that person speaks we eat the treat/snack while we listen.

Here is our list of facts and treats that go with it:
  • President Monson - Loves to fish--Swedish Fish
  • President Eyring - Last name is Eyring--Ring Pops
  • President Uchtdorf - Is a pilot--small packaged airplane snacks (peanuts)
  • Elder Packer - Makes bird carvings--Peeps
  • Elder Perry - Knows how to milk a cow--Chocolate milk
  • Elder Nelson  - Likes to ski -- ice cream
  • Elder Oaks - Last name is a tree--apples (since they grow on trees)
  • Elder Ballard - Likes to fish--Fish Crackers
  • Elder Scott - Was a nuclear engineer--Doughnut Holes (little bombs)
  • Elder Hales - Loves baseball--Gum
  • Elder Holland - Last name--Dutch chocolate
  • Elder Bednar - Was President of Ricks College in Idaho--Potato chips
  • Elder Cook - Last name--Cookies
  • Elder Christofferson - He is happy--Snickers
  • Elder Andersen - Speaks Spanish --Mexican treat
 Eating our "Bombs" while listening to Elder Scott

I need to go...Conference is starting. Come and listen to a Prophet's voice with us...and have a little fun while you do it!


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